Leveraging Unassigned Seating to Support Workforce Growth



Location: Lévis & Laval
Sites: 2
Industry: International freight forwarder and customs broker
Employees: 103
Products: elia Reservation


Need for a desk-booking solution
Need for a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-deploy tool


Simplified hot-desking and increased in-person collaboration thanks to elia Reservation.

About Globco

Founded 15 years ago, Globco has built an enviable reputation as a leading Canadian transportation and logistics company. Globco offers integrated end-to-end services in 3PL and transportation, ocean freight, air freight, courier, warehousing and distribution, and customs brokerage. Globco consists of a young, dynamic team that benefits from the flexibility that offers the hybrid work model.

Easy Sharing of Unassigned Workspaces

Like most companies in the post-pandemic environment, Globco has adopted a hybrid model with unassigned workspaces. This approach has enabled employees to have access to workstations and meeting rooms that suit their needs when working in the office, while also allowing the company to support significant workforce growth without having to expand its premises.

However, this growth created a need for Globco to simplify desk and meeting room sharing. Within just a few days, the company was able to deploy the elia solution and allow its employees to easily book rooms and workstations in its various offices. As a result, employees can now ensure they have a workspace adapted to their needs (location, peripherals, noise level, etc.) when they wish to work in the office.

Synchronising In-Person Workdays

On top of simplifying the management of Globco's workspaces, elia also makes it easier for teams to synchronise their in-office days. Through elia Reservation, employees can see when their colleagues will be in the office and join them by booking a desk nearby.

Synchronising teams through elia presents many other advantages for Globco. Firstly, it encourages in-person collaboration between different team members by providing a centralised platform for managing workspaces. It also makes it easier to plan meetings, presentations, and projects by booking in-person time slots via elia. What's more, by allowing employees to book workspaces according to their evolving needs, elia enables employees to move more easily between Globco’s different offices.

A Win-Win Partnership

Since the beginning of the partnership, GPHY and Globco have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. Globco has greatly appreciated all the assistance provided by GPHY during the deployment of the elia solution, as well as the ongoing support it receives. This close collaboration ensures that Globco can fully leverage all the features of the elia platform, which is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its customers.

By working closely with Globco, the GPHY team is also able to gather valuable user feedback and insights. This feedback is crucial for better understanding customer needs and ensuring that elia continues to help optimise the hybrid work model within the businesses it serves.
Thanks to this close relationship and the elia ecosystem, Globco is able to provide an efficient hybrid work environment that meets the needs of its employees.

"With a significant portion of our team working in a hybrid mode, elia has become essential to the smooth running of our operations. Desk bookings can be done in the blink of an eye!"

- Ghislain Letendre, Maritime Director at Globco