The future of work is hybrid.

We provide you with all the right tools to adapt your workplace to this new reality.

Smart workplace
management platform.

Don’t let hybrid work negatively impact your team’s efficiency. Give employees a smart and intuitive platform to book their desk, find their colleagues and get more face-to-face interactions with their teammates. Better collaboration leads to better projects.

Smart hardware for all your needs.

Reduce friction and streamline your hybrid workplace by deploying our smart hardware. No more manual actions, everything happens automatically.

Create the perfect workplace.

By combining hardware and software, we provide you with a 360° solution to your hybrid workplace. Adapt your entire workplace in a single deployment.

Why do you need a smart workplace?

Workplaces need to adapt to new realities. We provide you with a unique solution to help you take better decisions and create the best environment for your teams to strive in.

Culture is imperative.

Data shows that company culture can suffer from hybrid work. Ensure you have all the right tools in place to create organic in-person interactions between your employees.

Talents are your most important ressources.

Turn your workplace into a recruitment tool. Give your talents a workplace that suits their needs and allows them to be efficient.

Save on office costs.

Use the best data on the market to optimize your workplace and cut your costs.