We are GPHY

GPHY was born from a deep desire of the co-founders to make a real impact in the lives of millions of people and on sustainable development. Combining their passion for technologies, energy and entrepreneurship, the 4 co-founders launched the company in 2018. GPHY, coming from the french "génie physique", democratizes physics engineering, that is the engineering process of scientific discovery to concrete solution.

As a physics engineer, energy is a fascinating concept. We see it everywhere. It powers our car and our electronic devices. It keeps us warm in winter and cools us down in summer. It allows us to fly from New York to Paris or to light our streets at night. One of the most fundamental concepts in physics is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. Isn't that fascinating? In addition, the problems related to energy systems will be increasingly critical for the survival of humanity. GPHY therefore specializes in developing better ways to transfer energy from one system to another, convert energy from one form to another, and store energy.

GPHY sets itself apart by developing innovative smart energy solutions. The first technology developed by GPHY is a breakthrough technology in the field of wireless energy transfer.


Our mission is to challenge the way we interact with energy by developing smart energy system & infrastructure to create a more sustainable world.


Our vision is simple : become the world leader in smart energy system & infrastructure. One day, everywhere you will see energy, you will see GPHY.

Smart Energy, noun.

A system that enables the transfer, storage or conversion of energy in a clean, efficient and safe manner while being easy to use, adapting to our habits and being connected to each other.



User Friendly

Learn & adapt




Above and beyond

We have the audacity to try what nobody would have tried, to ask the questions that no body would have asked and answer like nobdy would have answered.

Better together 

Our team is our family, each one contributes to our mission of reinventing the ways of doing things in the fields of energy.

Sustainable technologies

 Each technology developed at GPHY takes sustainable development into consideration.