Your Smart Workplace Assistant.

ELIA gives you insights on your workplace occupancy, helps your employees find their desk or room with A.I. powered suggestion, and stimulates in-person collaboration.

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Manage your hot desking with ELIA.

Flexible booking
Easily book a desk or meeting room according to your specific needs.
Dynamic maps
Integrated map updates in real-time and allows people to easily identify their workplace or colleagues.
Workplace management
Manage permissions, access, assets, and resources. All within a central platform.

Stimulate employees to come back to the office.

Find your colleagues
Stimulate collaboration and
face-to-face interactions by quickly identifying where your colleagues are and where they booked their space.
Get notified
Create your personalized work teams and get notified when they book a desk in the office.
A.I. powered suggestions
ELIA learns your employee's routines and makes sure your employees always get the best place for their need.

Understand how your workplace is being used.

Analyze occupancy data
Tailor your workplace to the exact needs of your teams and reduce costs by analyzing the data collected via the platform.
A centralised hub for IoT
Manage all your smart workplace IoT devices within a single platform.
Smart check-in
No manual action required. ELIA automatically detects when someone arrives and leaves their reservation. This way, we provide you with the best data to optimize your workplace.

Integrate with your favourite platforms

Connect ELIA to Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar and many more of your favorite tools that help your manage your workplace better. No more juggling between apps to look for information.

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Book a 45-min demo to see how ELIA can help you manage your hybrid workspace.

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