1. How can I get ELIA? 

ELIA is not currently on sale. It will be available on Kickstarter in the coming months. We invite you to join our community to stay stuned about the launch of ELIA :      

   2. Are my devices directly compatible with ELIA?

Unfortunately, as ELIA uses a disruptive technology, no devices are currently compatible with this technology. Therefore, GPHY's team has developed an adapters to make all your devices compatible with ELIA (see ELIA R). GPHY will work in partnership with the giants of technology via AirFuel Alliance in order to integrate resonant magnetic coupling directly inside your future devices. 

   3. What is the difference between magnetic induction (Qi) and magnetic resonant (AirFuel)?

Magnetic induction and magnetic resonant are two wireless charging technologies standardized under two different standards : Qi and AirFuel. Currently, it is Qi that dominates the market and is integrated into almost all new smartphones because of its simplicity. However, Qi is very limited in terms of performance (max power transfer, spatial freedom, powering through material and more) and will inevitably be replaced by AirFuel which offers significantly higher performance. GPHY is a pioneer in magnetic resonance. If you would like to better understand the difference between these two standards, we invite you to read the blog : What is magnetic resonance coupling?

   4. What should I be aware of when purchasing ELIA?

When you purchase ELIA you must ensure that:
1. The surface you want to transfer energy to is not covered with metal.
2. The thickness of this surface is between 10 mm and 50 mm.
3. There is enough space below the surface to install a 360 mm x 360 mm plate.
In addition, you must be aware that you will have to use an adapter to make your device compatible (see ELIA R).

   5. Is wireless charging dangerous for health? 

No. GPHY makes sure to comply with all international standards on electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and the impact of radiation on the human body. To better understand these standards and the impact of radiation on the human body, we invite you to read the blog: Health hazards of wireless power transfer.

   6. Can I stop charging my device without unplugging ELIA? 

Yes, it is possible to stop charging your device without having to disconnect the ELIA plate:

1. Use the GPHY mobile application which allows ELIA to be configured and controlled and to deactivate the ELIA charging. 
2. Unplug the adapter from your device.

   7. Could there be any problems if we put incompatible items in the loading area?

No. ELIA has been designed so as not to interact with incompatible devices that may be found in the loading area. In addition, the frequency used interacts very little with metallic objects unlike the frequencies of Qi. (see : What is magnetic resonance coupling?)

   8. What is the consumption when ELIA is not charging a device?

The consumption when ELIA is not charging a device is practically zero since it automatically goes in standby mode and waits to detect a device before transferring power wirelessly.

   9. Where is ELIA manufactured?

Since one of GPHY's values ​​is responsibility, ELIA will be manufactured entirely in Canada in order to minimize the carbon and social footprint of our product. 

   10. If I have more questions, how can I ask them?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us via the page: Contact us.