Is ELIA Perfect for this Post-Pandemic World?

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives over the past year. In a world where human interactions are limited, businesses, governments and schools have had to rethink the way they operate. As a result, remote working has become mainstream and is here to stay. However, this way of working comes with several changes and we all need to adapt and find tools to remain productive in our new reality. In this article, you will find out how ELIA, the wireless charger developed by GPHY, will play an important role in this post-pandemic world.


Remote working was already present in the professional world, but the pandemic has accelerated its adoption. In 2020, nearly 88% of companies worldwide obligated or encouraged their employees to work from home [1]. Some big companies like Twitter even told their employees they could be remote working forever if they choose so. This wave of changes has had a significant impact on workers. Only 12% of them wish to return to their offices full time while 72% would prefer a hybrid formula where they could be working from home a few days a week [2].

Remote work seems to be viewed positively among the general population. But for what reasons exactly? If you think about it, you come to realize it has many benefits:

As you can see, remote working is here to stay and will drastically change the professional world.


As mentioned earlier, the hybrid formula where you can work alternately at home and at the office seems to be the most popular option. However, it implies that workers will have more than one workstation. To make this formula effective, it is essential that companies prioritize laptops to enable the use of the same work tool in several places easily. However, this device still needs to be powered by a wire which necessarily comes with drawbacks. You need to make sure you always carry around your power cord with you and have a power outlet nearby. We can see that even laptops have their limitations, for the moment...

Fortunately, GPHY solves these problems with ELIA: the first wireless charger for all your electronic devices, including your laptop. ELIA is placed underneath your surface and creates a charging area on it where several devices can be recharged at the same time. Everything is easier with ELIA:

  • No need to carry around your bulky wires. The only thing you need is your computer or your other devices and you are good to go.
  • No more long installations. ELIA automatically charges your devices when they are in the charging area and lets you start working faster without having to find a power outlet.
  • More space to work with. No more wires taking up space on your work surface. The magic happens underneath it.

Imagine being able to use your laptop freely, without the need of a wire. You get ready to work in seconds. Want to go elsewhere? No problem. You don't have to unplug anything; you just bring your computer with you. At the new location, you can once again get to work very quickly. Interesting isn't it? This scenario is possible thanks to ELIA.


Nowadays, you don't even have to leave your home to earn an income. The context of the pandemic has shown us that many jobs can be done from your home without any problem. However, this new working environment requires an appropriate arrangement. Having a proper installation to work is the best way to stay productive and that includes several elements:

But how do you incorporate these elements? ELIA is the solution for you. This wireless charger has been designed to be versatile and easy to use. It charges your laptop as fast as a wire without taking up space on your working surface. Therefore, you can work in a distraction-free environment where your devices are charged automatically, allowing you to have an installation that suits you. Your colleagues will definitely be jealous during your Zoom meetings!

For those who do not have a room dedicated to work, no problem! ELIA can be installed under any non-metallic surface, whether it is the counter, the kitchen table or even the living room table. Its initial setup takes 5 minutes and allows you to get up and running in seconds for years to come.


Home workspace will not be the only one to change. Offices will have to adapt too. To compete with the benefits of remote working, companies will need to offer more than just a place to work. Therefore, dynamic coworking spaces are going to be more and more popular all over the world. These unique working environments have several benefits for employees:

  • Open spaces promote teamwork and communication between colleagues. In the current context where everyone is confined in their own homes, human interactions will be very important when we return to normal. Employees also feel closer to people around them and are more likely to develop a sense of belonging with the company.
  • The variety of places to work makes you feel right at home. You can sit at a desk, on a couch or at a table with other people; it’s your choice! Plus, if your employer understands why it is important for you to use a laptop, you can really work wherever you want. And nothing prevents you from moving during the day!
  • New working methods can increase productivity and creativity. No more sitting in a chair at a desk all day. You can be standing, lying down, even pedaling on a stationary bike! The important thing is that you are in an environment that motivates and inspires you.

Companies will also take advantage of the hybrid model where employees do not work at the office everyday to decrease operating costs. Nearly 50% of employers plan to reduce their office space according to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom [3]. They will be able to use these savings to offer more services to their employees.

As we can see, these new working environments encourage variety and mobility. Because of that, companies must ensure that their employees have the appropriate tools to adapt well to this reality. Using ELIA wireless chargers is the perfect solution:

  • Facilitates the transition between two workstations. No need to bring your own power cord or look for a power outlet; just put the computer on the surface and you can start working.
  • Improves open workspaces. Anyone can come to work at the same place quickly without having a surface full of wires that reduces productivity. Computers are charged wirelessly automatically, and teamwork can start in an instant.


With this new reality caused by the current pandemic, we all need to adapt. In a world where we alternate between working at the office and working from home, it is essential to review the way we operate. ELIA, the wireless charger developed by GPHY, is THE solution to free you from power cables and to facilitate your travels by offering the possibility to charge all your electronic devices including your laptop. It will be quick and easy to change workstations without having to carry around wires or other accessories. ELIA is a versatile tool that will have an important role in this post-pandemic world.

Francis Cantin,

Accounting and Communication Manager, GPHY